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Skinny Bitch In Love (2013)

Clementine Cooper is a vegan chef who has bagged a job cooking at one of the most sought-after restaurants in LA. But when she is sabotaged by a fellow co-worker and blacklisted from every restaurant in LA, she needs to change her game plan. Instead of moping around, Clementine opens her own business offering vegan cooking classes and personal chef services called Skinny Bitch. The business is off to a hopping start but it all comes to a halt when a handsome and extremely arrogant man opens up a restaurant right across the street called the Silver Steer - complete with a dead animal on its sign. Clementine isn't going to stand for anything getting in her way of success, so she confronts the owner, only to find that he's more handsome than she expected. Of course, falling for a meat-eating man who doesn't care about his carbon footprint would be so wrong, but why does it feel so right? Follow Clementine on her journey to fulfill her dream of owning her own restaurant and possibly finding true love in the process - you won't be sorry you did. (AS)

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