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Keep You Close - Lucie Whitehouse (2016)


Rowan Winter and Marianne Glass were best friends through their formative years; Marianne's family becoming a virtual surrogate for Rowan's own deceased mother and absent father. But ten years ago Rowan and Marianne's friendship ended and Rowan hasn't been in contact with the Glasses since, that is until Marianne's mother rings to tell Rowan that Marianne is dead, accidentally falling from the roof of her house. But Rowan suspects there's more to it. Once again she finds herself back in the Glass fold, confronting not only Marianne's death but the secret that separated them all those years ago. Cleverly written, Whitehouse's novel is plotted with pinpoint precision and subtlety. Although some elements of the plot are fairly easy to see coming, there's great coherence and skill to the structuring. An addictive psychological thriller-cum-mystery that delivers a satisfying twist. (JC)

Rating 7/10


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