Keeping Secrets in Seattle - Brooke Moss (2013)

The story starts out with two best friends, Gabe and Violet, being hopelessly in love with each other but of course never telling each other how they feel. Then Gabe meets another girl named Alycia and proposes to her. He expects Violet to be all good about it, but of course Violet can't be as she is head over heels in love with Gabe. To get Gabe out of her head, Violet starts dating Landon - and of course the closer they get, the less she tries to think about Gabe. Unfortunately fate keeps throwing Violet and Gabe in each other's paths. There was an interesting back story about Gabe and Violet dating back in high school and why they broke up. Keeping Secrets in Seattle is a fun romance with a bit of oomph and shows readers that sometimes in order to really discover the person you are with, you have to dig deeper under the layers to find their "real selves". (PP)

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