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What If He's The One? (2014)

Fashion stylist Magenta finds herself working with TV's hottest vampires, brothers Alex and Nick Wells, on a magazine shoot. The last time she saw Alex, she was doing the walk of shame from his bedside dressed as a sexy Santa. Then he went to LA and never contacted her again. But the chemistry is still there after all these years. Trouble is, Magenta has gone ahead with artificial insemination - believing there is no point hanging around waiting for The One before she starts her family. Publishers, please please please don't put an eye-catching chick lit cover on a run-of-the-mill romance. I'm expecting a story where the female character does stuff - outside her mooning over her love interest. Not much happened in this story that wasn't connected to Alex. Even the donor sperm side plot wasn't particularly convincing. The story has lots of hearts hammering, pulses racing, cheeks blushing and seductive eyes sparkling - you know that sort of thing. So if that is what you love to read about, you may well enjoy this. But for me, this definitely was NOT the one.

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