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That Gallagher Girl (2011)

In this third book in the series based in Lissamore, Cat is the daughter of famous artist Hugo Gallagher. She is a talented artist herself but a bit of a drifter, never staying in the one place for too long. Her travels take her to Coral Mansion which has been bought by movie star Shane Byrne, for Rio Kinsella, the mother of his son, Finn. As the story progresses the lives of Cat and Rio intertwine but they never manage to meet each other. Although the story became more interesting as the book progressed, I found it difficult to keep track of the story as there are so many different characters. (BS)

The O'Hara Affair (2010)

Hollywood has come to the Irish village of Lissamore to shoot The O'Hara Affair, a movie about the father of Gone with the Wind's Scarlett. For those who enjoyed The Kinsella Sisters you will recognise many of the characters, including Dervla who is having to deal with her mother-in-law's dementia; and Rio, who's got Shane, the father of her son, back in town to star in the movie. But this book centres on boutique owner Fleur and begins as she is about to stand in as a fortune teller at the village festival. But rather than gazing into her crystal ball, her niece Daisy shows her how to use Facebook to find out all about her clients. One of the people looking to have her fortune told is Bethany, who dreams of being an actress but lacks the confidence. Through her producer boyfriend Corban, Fleur gets Bethany a spot as an extra and starts watching out for her on Second Life, a 3D virtual world. This will not only draw you into the world of Lissamore and its characters, it will also get you thinking about how much we now rely on our virtual lives - and how much we reveal to strangers. Plus Dervla's duty to her elder is a heartbreaking storyline which is told with much-needed humour. And watch out for the heroine from the next book, That Gallagher Girl, who is introduced right at the end.

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