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Clothesline (2011)

Kelly has a dream of sewing and making beautiful things for people. When she graduates from college, she starts working at Clothesline, a retail clothing store in the heart of San Francisco. She meets Sera, a struggling college student trying to make it on her own. When Ana, who becomes an assistant manager with Kelly, tells the girls that she needs to make extra money, they automatically start thinking of ways for all of them to have extra income by going into business with each other. Their first project is a Mini Vendi-vending machine, then they move on to door-to-door selling and dog grooming. Along the way they start to realise they really don't know that much about each other and Sera and Kelly start to wonder why Ana needs the money. With the crazy ideas they come up with to make extra money, you will love this story about why mixing friendship with money-making maybe it isn't the best idea. Or is it? (CG)

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