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150 Pounds (2012)

What happens when opposites collide? Alexis Allbright is the creator of the Skinny Chick blog; Shoshana Weiner is the owner of the Fat and Fabulous site. Both bloggers address weight issues but in very different manner. Alexis is only 100 pounds, not very fond of food and people and doesn't have anyone in her life except her gay best friend Billy. Shoshana proudly weighs 225 pounds, she loves to eat and has a habit of collecting friends wherever she goes. Both the bloggers come face to face when they get invited on Oprah and from there war begins. Things change drastically, tables turn and the women go through unimaginable weight changes. Will they realise that the weight scale can't be a measure of real happiness? Kate Rockland has done a fantastic job of talking about a highly sensitive issue in a humorous yet very mature manner. It's a real page-turner. (SS)

Falling is Like This

Twenty-three-year-old Harper Rostov is tired of her life. So she quits her job at a tabloid magazine, abruptly leaves her laidback boyfriend and heads out on her own with only her purse and no concrete plans. All she knows for certain is that she wants to be a music journalist. Before she can make it back to her parents' house in New Jersey, Harper meets her longtime crush Nick, who is the lead singer of her favourite punk band Hitchhikers Revenge, at a local coffee shop. Within a day, the two begin a whirlwind week-long liaison which shows Harper how much passion had been missing from her life with her boyfriend. However, as the week comes to a close she must make a decision whether to hang out with the band or start to get her old life back on track. Begrudgingly and despite her ill-conceived fantasies of how the rock star life should be, Harper must ask herself if being one of the band is really all it's hyped up to be. This debut novel has been receiving lots of praise but I just couldn't fall for it. Harper was a dull character and the flashbacks to her childhood were even more annoying than the storyline itself. Even Harper's unique parents and the backdrop of the New York City hipster scene couldn't save this uninteresting novel from being dead on arrival. (AS)

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