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Seven Days One Summer (2011)

When Jen gets a phone call from her good friend and one-time lover Sam, inviting her and her family to a villa in Italy for a week, Jen is intrigued by the offer. With a husband, Marcus, who is always working and her seven-year-old son Alfie who sleeps in their bed with them, the offer of a week away is very appealing. Sam has filled the villa with his closest friends who all come with their own baggage. With tensions running high in the Italian heat, what will seven days in the sun lead to...? Written from Jen's perspective, in a quite matter-of-fact style, you don't instantly warm to her. Yet the story is intriguing as you want to know more about the other characters and how they're going to cope together in the villa. Set amongst the beautiful backdrop of an Italian villa, with the writing transporting you there, it is an easy holiday or lazy day read. But all in all a little underwhelming. (AB)

The Seven Year Itch (2009)

Ellie has been married to Jack for seven years but she's starting to resent him. Jack is quite self-centred and now that his long-running soapie character on Country Matters has been killed off, he's desperate for a new role - even auditioning for voice-overs for dog food. Ellie throws herself into opening a cafe with friend Tilda, while au pair Petra helps look after the kids, Jed and Maud. Can Ellie and Jack make it past a familiar bump in the road to long-term marital bliss? Well, it certainly doesn't help when the irresistible Mark moves in across the road. Keep reading for the ending that veers off unexpectedly.

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