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A Mother's Guide To Cheating (2010)

Carol believed Ian was a decent, honest boy who everyone loved, and would never do a single thing to hurt her daughter, Jaz. So when she receives a call from Jaz, telling her about Ian's infidelity, Carol immediately goes on the defensive. Many years ago, when her husband Phil cheated on her, she decided to just put up with it. Now she tries to persuade Jaz to take the same approach - to forgive Ian and move on with life. Together with Ian's father David, she tries to reconcile the pair, which results in Jaz storming off with Carol's precious grandson, Matty. This is a sweet and interesting tale told from a mother's perspective, detailing her own struggles with marriage and her strained relationship with her daughter. (XT)

Queen Mum (2006)

Ally always plays life safe unlike her beautiful, self-assured neighbour Juno, who signs up for Queen Mum, a reality TV show where two mums swap homes. It's only when the program airs that it becomes apparent that things in Juno's household are not as Ally believes, and that she and Juno are more alike than she ever imagined.

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