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Run Rabbit Run (2012)

Sophie Green is an ex-British spy who is forced back into her old life when she is framed for the murder of an MI5 officer. Sophie goes on the run trying to discover who set her up. She quickly meets up with sexy Jack, another fugitive on the run. Luke Sharpe, a handsome, suave, James Bond type spy, works for MI6. He always swore he would never get involved with Sophie, however, he is completely in love with her and sets out to protect Sophie and find the real killer. Sophie is a hysterical and loveable character. As a 5 foot 10 sexy bombshell, with a trashy side, she doesn't exactly blend in well. This is the fifth novel in the Sophie Green series. Although, I have never read the previous novels, I was able to jump right in and quickly get to know the characters. Written from Sophie and Luke's perspective this is a humorous fast-paced mystery. (AO)

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