Also writes under the name Karin Gillespie.

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Earthly Pleasures (2008)

Skye Sebring is a hospitality greeter in Heaven - a place where you use a Wishberry to order chocolate or a room makeover and you can watch what's happening on Earth via TV channel Earthly Pleasures. She is far from angelic though - I mean who else would pipe Highway to Hell through the sound system to scare the newly dead? But she is obviously good at her job, as she shows the ropes to thirteen-year-old Chelsea who has died in a skateboarding accident. When Ryan Blaine, a son of a former US president and favourite with Earthly Pleasures viewers, turns up briefly before being revived, she feels drawn to him. His marriage is in trouble because his wife Susan just hasn't been the same since she had a devastating car accident. Even though Skye is one of the few new souls with no wish to live on Earth, she wins the honour and has to attend a class on life's important lessons revealed through the lyrics of five Beatles songs. What will happen when she arrives in her new destination and will she ever see Ryan again? Read this for the heavenly description of life in the hereafter, the mystery surrounding Ryan's wife and a coma victim, and to discover which Beatles songs are the secrets to a happy life. A true pleasure to read - it's a book with real soul and heart-warming spirit.

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