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Perfect is Overrated (2012)

Kate has been suffering from post-natal depression and sometimes finds it hard even to get out of bed. When one of the bitchy mothers at her daughter Molly's exclusive New York preschool is murdered, it propels Kate, a former assistant district attorney, into action. Then when another death occurs, Kate wonders if there is a connection and starts trying to find out details off her ex Paul, the lead detective on the case. As Kate starts receiving phone hang-ups and senses she is being followed, could she be the killer's next target? This is a funny story that is part mystery, part mom lit that will keep you guessing throughout.

Following Polly (2010)

Alice Teakle has just been fired from her job as a casting agent. Single, bored and unsure of what to do next, Alice finds a new hobby when she runs into a Harvard acquaintance Polly Dawson. Polly is everything Alice is not - beautiful, successful, married and a celebrity. To see how the "other half" live or maybe just out of boredom, Alice starts to secretly follow Polly on her daily errands, and continues to do so for over a week. But when Polly is murdered, the circumstances leave Alice as the main suspect. So she starts to stalk ... er ... follow her college infatuation and obsession Charlie. Will Charlie help Alice (with whom he has only shared a few polite words)? Is the killer after Alice too? This is a fantastic chick lit mystery, filled with a few lovable, charismatic characters, and a few seedy, sinister types. The story had me totally infatuated. (AV)

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