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Yesterday's News (2012)

Swedish waitress Agnes is fired from her job at a prestigious Stockholm restaurant when she turns down the advances of her slimy boss. The same day her rocker boyfriend, Tobias, breaks up with her for one of his backup singers. With the encouragement of her friends, she struggles to move on and Agnes quickly runs into Kalle, an old friend, who is opening up a Mediterranean-style restaurant. Agnes joins the staff and the author takes you on a journey of the few weeks before the opening of the restaurant to the few months afterwards and the struggles a new restaurant encounters. The reader can't help but cheer on Agnes even when she stumbles back into the arms of her ex-boyfriend and ignores a good man who is right in front of her. Even though I have never worked in the restaurant business, I absolutely loved reading about all the details of running a restaurant from the importance of a good review to the description of the yummy food. (AO)

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