Holly Kinsella's novella Just the Way You Are is about second chances, sibling rivalry and the book trade. The summary says: "Gemma Miller is a young literary agent. She is happy in her job and is on the cusp of securing her first book deal. But Gemma wants to come home to more than just the company of a good book. Her experiences of speed dating and internet dating leave her even more desperate and lonely. She concludes that a good man is hard to find and is tempted to go back to her ex, Daniel. Yet, just when she gives up hope, she encounters the best-selling author Thomas Silver. There's a spark - and genuine chemistry. But not only does Gemma notice his wedding ring but Thomas declares, just after they kiss, that he is still in love with his wife. Gemma goes back to her parents to try to take her mind off things. Her sister, who seemingly has it all, casts a long shadow though. She considers that her past may hold the key to her future - as Gemma decides to meet up with Daniel. A good man may not be impossible to find. Gemma still has a chance to secure both her first book deal and the heart of the man she loves."

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