I take it as my solemn responsibility to bring movies to the attention of Chicklit Club readers that I think they would be interested in. Not all the films I review are based on chick lit books but I try at least to look for films that are rom-coms or romantic in theme, or else deal with subject matter that generally appeals to women - chick flicks, in other words. Sometimes my purpose becomes to warn viewers away from a film they might be drawn to thinking it's a chick flick because, either it isn't or, it's just really not worth their time. And while Adam Sandler managed to make a couple of great rom-coms, he's lost his touch with this one.

Just Go With It fits into both of those categories. I picked it up because it stars Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and, lo and behold, Nicole Kidman! An odd mix of a cast, I'll admit. Well, I discovered it's definitely not a chick flick - there's too much focus on large breasts and poop humour to qualify. And while Sandler managed to make a couple of great rom-coms with The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, he's lost his touch with this one, both as a comic actor and a producer. There are a few scant laughs in the film, mostly due to Aniston's skill as an actress, but most of the acting is terrible, and the story is so predictable. Here's the plot: Danny (Sandler) normally meets women by wearing a wedding ring and telling sob stories about his terrible wife; he accidentally takes it off, meets hot girl Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), she falls for him, finds the ring, and thinks he's really married. He convinces his assistant Katherine (Aniston) to pretend to be his wife, complete with kids, so that he can show Palmer that his wife no longer loves him and that they are planning a divorce. Now, could someone please tell me what Nicole Kidman is doing in this movie? She plays Katherine's college nemesis, Devlin, who shows up more than halfway through, to plague Katherine as she's trying to help Danny pull off his charade.
Normally one of the finest actresses, she's terrible in this film mostly because her character and dialogue are ridiculous. I was also distracted by what I think may be some odd cosmetic surgery she's had. And though guys might enjoy what comes down to a dance-off between her and Aniston's character, showing off both of their spectacular bodies, for the ladies, there is nothing to recommend this film. Don't waste your time, gals; maybe just watch The Wedding Singer again instead.

Movie reviewed by Georgina Young-Ellis

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