Just Friends with Benefits, the debut novel by Meredith Schorr, is about a woman who tries to turn the one who got away into "the one". The summary says: "When a friend urges Stephanie Cohen not to put all her eggs in one bastard, the advice falls on deaf ears. Stephanie's college crush on Craig Hille has been awakened 13 years later as if soaked in a can of Red Bull and she is determined not to let the guy who got away once, get away twice. Stephanie, a 32-year-old paralegal from Washington, D.C., is a 70s and 80s television trivia buff who can recite the starting lineup of the New York Yankees and go beer for beer with the guys. And despite her failure to get married and procreate prior to entering her 30s, she has so far managed to keep her overbearing mother from sticking her head in the oven." Head to the author's website for an excerpt.

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