Just Breathe - Janette Paul (2013)

After an accident that nearly killed her, Dee decides to become a yoga teacher. One of her students is the wealthy Lucy Roxburgh, who invites Dee to a party, where she meets her brother, millionaire businessman Ethan Roxburgh - so notorious that every women on his arm gets a membership to the Roxburgh Girl club. Fascinated by the free-spirited Dee, Lucy offers her the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the face of Health Life Insurance and put her yoga skills to the test. Soon Dee is caught up in a world she could never have imagined but with this comes her developing feelings for Ethan. Can Dee show Ethan that she is more than just a Roxburgh girl or will her fear of the future stand in her way of becoming successful in all aspects of her life? This is one of the first titles from the new imprint Random Romance, written under a pseudonym by suspense writer Jaye Ford. (PP)

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