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February or Forever (2014)

Chrissie Burns has plans to renovate the house her aunt left her and move on. In the meantime, she's taken up a job as a yoga teacher to provide for herself and her son. However, she never expected in her wildest fantasies to be the sole teacher for superstar Drew Williams. Chrissie is a super-fan but needs to remain professional or risk her job. But what happens when the superstar falls for the girl-next-door? Can Chrissie maintain a relationship with someone like Drew and still move on from her tragic past? This is a sweet story about falling for the man you can't have only to find he has fallen for you too. Chrissie and Drew have their obstacles - like any character - but they also have depth and heart that pours from the pages. A quick and easy read, it definitely shouldn't be missed. (AS)

The January Wish (2014)

When Sylvia Greene finds herself making a wish at a fundraiser, she remembers the baby girl she adopted out when she was only 16. A few days later, she spies a young woman with the same red curls as her. It turns out to be her 18-year-old daughter, Grace, who has come to find her biological mother after the death of her adoptive one. As Sylvia adjusts to getting to know her daughter, yet another new arrival in town throws Sylvia's well-ordered life off track. Naturopath Mark sparks her interest, even though as a doctor she certainly doesn't share his belief in alternative medicine. But it seems both Grace and Mark are keeping something from her. This is the first book I've read from this author and with a story that flows seamlessly it would certainly make me read more.

Fast Forward (2013)

Kelli is a gorgeous supermodel. It's her twenty-fifth birthday and today she should be celebrating her birthday with her smoking hot boyfriend and amazing best friend. But instead she has woken up as a fifty-year-old with rolls of fat, a husband who is looking forward to kinky sex, and children, one gay, the other pregnant. Kelli has no idea how and why her life has taken such a big leap and desperately wants her old life back. This is a super funny and fabulous debut by Juliet Madison. I totally loved Kelli. She is sweet, caring and a bit crazy. I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes. (SS)

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