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Love Nest (2010)

Grace is heartbroken at the thought of having to sell her childhood home Chadlicote Manor but after nursing her dearly departed mother for the last few years and having the house fall into disrepair, how can she possibly afford to keep it? Karen's husband falls in love with the manor house and starts making plans to move to the country but is Karen's heart really in it? Gemma and Alex are hoping to start a family and move out of their swanky pad into a more family-orientated home but will their dream of having a baby ever come true? Meanwhile, rock star Nick is on the search for a bachelor pad and sets his sights firmly on both his real estate agent Lucinda and the gorgeous apartment she shows him but what exactly are they both hiding? Although this book has a number of main characters, the story flows effortlessly between them and makes it the perfect book for snuggling up on the sofa with. (KC)

The Model Wife (2008)

Twenty-two-year-old model Poppy Price falls pregnant after an affair with a much older and married TV news anchorman, Luke Norton. He never intended to have a future with Poppy but he soon has no choice but to appear on her doorstep, promising to marry her. Luke's scorned ex-wife Hannah, who gave up her reporting career to bring up their children, works out her hurt and anger by writing a newspaper column in which she details how she has bounced back after "the Cad" left her for "the Bimbo". Meanwhile life for Poppy has become quite dull and routine, even though she adores her toddler Clara. Luke is hardly around and everyone is telling her to get a nanny and go back to work. So when an offer to write a magazine column about being a social butterfly comes up, Poppy accepts, even though she's barely been out of the house for ages. As Poppy starts to party, Luke faces some professional difficulties, not least a tardy and diva-ish interviewee and a colleague who wants him for herself.

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