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The Glory of Green (2011)

It seems that Lois may just be getting her happy ending as she and newcomer Chris enter into a three-month whirlwind engagement. As the date nears though, Lois is getting cold feet - not about the marriage but the division of her assets - what to keep, where to live. Is Lois really ready to take the plunge? As Lois and Chris make their way to the altar, chaos once again strikes the town of Green in the form of a nasty storm. Lois does what she knows best, heading to the local newspaper office to prepare for a special edition. It seems though, that even after all that has happened Lois can't escape from her past as old friends and enemies come back into her life. One of them offers Lois a big newspaper job. Is it time to move away from Green after all the trouble or will Lois realise that Green is now where her heart is? Be prepared to break out a box of tissues as this third book in the series has some weeping moments. (PP)

Goodness Gracious Green (2010)

In this sequel to Gone to Green, Lois has just inherited the local newspaper in Green and is starting to make it a happening thing. However some people in the small close-knit community have reservations about change and soon Lois finds herself in a number of awful situations from arson attacks and vandalism and even finds herself being served. Lois also has problems in her personal life, from her best friend getting married to her ex-boyfriend and another friend dating her other ex. But a strength shines out of Lois as she continues to pray and persevere, knowing that no matter how hard things get, God is always there for you and will help you through anything. The title Goodness Gracious Green refers to the main character's over-use of the words "goodness gracious". (PP)

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