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You, Me, Forever (2019)


Becca has a bestselling book to her name but has writer’s block when it comes to her second book under contract. While she is on her way to see her agent, a near-death experience in an elevator means she discovers some hidden letters in the lining of her handbag.
These romantic letters outline a forbidden romance due to South Africa’s apartheid rules and gives Becca the idea to use them to write her next book. So she takes off to where the couple lived, hoping to uncover more of their story. But lots of obstacles, including a rather dishy local policeman, stand in her way.
This was a delightful and hilarious rom-com, with a bubbly heroine, an adorable love interest and lively descriptions of a small town overrun by eco-warriors and cat lovers. (NP) 7/10


After The Rain (2018)


Stormy-Rain is a very unusual woman. She believes in tarots, magic, and that aliens created the human race. Her eyeglasses are held by chewing gum, her clothes are colourful, and her hair represents the hues of the rainbow. She doesn’t have a proper job and is afraid to fly.
Marcus is a lawyer, he follows the rules, he always carries wet wipes, and he wears elegant suits. It’s like they are from different planets, but when her stepsister Lily marries his cousin Damien, the two of them have to fly together to Prague for the wedding. An eventful trip consisting of an emergency landing, moving from hotel to hotel, a road trip around Africa, and a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere, brings Stormy and Marcus to share secrets and feelings and, with the sexual tension always high, will they overcome their differences to discover that they are, after all, very compatible?
I love the Destination Love series of which this is the fourth book. All the protagonists of these novels are women based in South Africa, but they travel to exotic and beautiful places, from Thailand to Greece, from Mauritius to Mombasa and have beautiful love stories that keep you glued to the page. Engaging, romantic, and witty, this is another must-read for this series. (NP) 7/10


Love To Hate You (2018)


Sera doesn't do relationships, she is too busy with her messed-up family, her job, and her friends and flatmates Bruce and JJ. And she doesn't do one-night-stands either, until one night she meets a gorgeous man in a club and she sleeps with him in his car before walking away. She wishes she could forget all about it, but it's not easy when it turns out that the gorgeous man is her new boss and he claims to be in love with her. The more she tries to avoid him, the more she spends time with him, and although Sera tries to push him away, she can't deny that she is attracted to him.
I started laughing from the very first page. This book is completely hilarious (although it gets a bit more serious towards the end). I loved the colourful cast of characters and the witty dialogues that kept me glued to the page. The plot line is captivating and thrilling and the author's writing kept me glued to the page. Full of laugh, love, and also a bit of drama, this is the perfect must-read for fans of romantic comedies. (NP) 7/10


Finding You (2017)


Jane’s adopted and even though she is loved by her adoptive family, she’s always felt different and like she didn’t belong. So she decides to go in search of her birth father. She only knows that he is Greek and that his name is Dimitri. She books a flight for Santorini (just because the name sounds right).
But on an island where everyone is called Dimitri, her search won’t be as easy as she thought. And as another Dimitri, young and god-like handsome, catches her attention and takes her on a tour of Greek islands and pushes her to do things she’d never dared before, Jane finally lets herself go.
Jane doesn’t think much of herself and I found her way of demeaning herself annoying. But when she is herself, Jane is a funny and interesting character, getting herself in ridiculous and embarrassing situations and continuously relating random facts like how many bacteria there are in people’s mouth and how much water is used in the shower.
With an atmospheric setting, witty dialogues, and romance coming out of every page, this is an entertaining novel about finding yourself and about finding love. (NP) 7/10


Almost A Bride (2017)


On the day Annie thought her boyfriend Trevv was going to propose, she finds out he's been cheating on her and is leaving her for the other woman. She is also arrested and loses her job at a fashion magazine.
To move on, she goes on holiday to Mauritius where she meets gorgeous and funny writer Chris. They hit it off right away and when Trevv turns up on the island with her new girlfriend, Chris offers to pretend to be her boyfriend to prove to Trevv that she's moved on.
But as Chris and Annie spend more time together, snorkelling and watching French movies, and trying to avoid Trevv who seems to be stalking them, they have to admit they have real feelings for each other.
Annie gets herself in hilarious and unlikely situations that had me laughing out loud. Despite being a bit predictable, this is a witty and romantic novel with a tropical setting and entertaining characters. (NP) 7/10


Burning Moon (2016)


Lilly has been left at the altar by her fiance with only a small note and no explanation. Trying to get over the heartbreak and humiliation, Lilly decides to go on their honeymoon to Thailand on her own, but things just get worse. First she boards the plane without noticing that she is still wearing her ridiculous pajamas, then she throws up in front of everyone and is arrested when she lands in Thailand.
If that wasn’t enough, Damien, the dark gorgeous guy who is not at all her type, has seen it all and also heard her heartbreaking story that she told to three Thai agents. But Damien is not the scary goth guy that she thought at the beginning, and soon he is taking Lilly on a fantastic adventure around Thailand that will change both their lives.
This is one of these romantic comedies that you like to see in the movies. Full of hilarious adventures and romantic and sexy scenes, the love story between Lilly and Damien is one that happens only on screen or in books but you still dream about. From the witty characters to the exotic setting of Thailand and the captivating plot, this is an entertaining novel that I enjoyed in just two sittings. (NP) 8/10


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