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Blackberry Crumble (2011)

Catering wondergirl Sadie Hoffmiller is busy trying to organise the local Latham Country Club luncheon when she gets a tearful visit from May who wants to hire Sadie for her sleuthing, rather than culinary, skills. May believes her wealthy father was murdered and she is aware that Sadie received a lot of attention after solving a murder in the previous book Key Lime Pie. Soon we see Sadie trying to juggle her catering business as well as putting that amateur detective knowledge to the test to get to the bottom of the case. However, we are about to see that this matter may well involve a case of unrequited love between May and a suspect called Richard. Is this to become a story of one reunited love and one failed love as Sadie and Detective Pete's relationship starts to crumble? This is the fifth book in the Culinary Mystery series but works as a stand-alone light-hearted romantic mystery. (PP)

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