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Between, Georgia (2006)

The novel is like a reinvention of the Shakespearean feud between the Montagues and Capulets - in this case, it's between the Fretts and the Crabtrees, two families living in Between, Georgia. Though both have long regarded each other with bitterness, due to their stark differences in lifestyle and beliefs, they have kept their hatred for the other party well hidden. However, the birth of Nonny Frett, child of Hazel Crabtree but later adopted by Stacia Frett, becomes the igniting factor of their ongoing feud. Thirty years have passed, and Nonny, now working as a translator in Athens, Georgia, is stuck in a relationship rut. She still finds herself deciding whether to divorce Jonno, or move into a relationship with her all-time best friend Henry Crabtree, despite the raging fires between both families. This is a long story but it's an enjoyable and gratifying read. (XT)

Gods In Alabama (2005)

Arlene Fleet made a pact with God before leaving her hometown, Possett, Alabama. Now, 12 years later, Arlene resides in Chicago with her African-American boyfriend, Burr, and has kept to her promises faithfully. However, when Burr asks to see her family or threatens to end the relationship, Arlene has no choice but to go back to her hometown, to confront her past and fears. Even though the plot was interesting, with a moderate blend of chick lit and crime, some may find it a confusing read due to the constant change in timeline, between present and past. (XT)

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