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Cupid's Way (2014)

As a favour to her boss, Evie Stone agrees to give a presentation for the firm of architects that she works for on her way to visit her grandparents. Delayed by bad weather, she has to stay overnight in the hotel and meets a handsome stranger, who appears to be an organiser of the event, for dinner. She and Michael hit it off immediately and Evie feels a fizz of hope. However the next morning they part company, much to Evie's disappointment. Evie's treasured grandparents live in Cupid's Way, a Victorian terrace surrounded by modern developments. It is prime new-build land and plans are afoot to demolish the terrace and build a new Health Centre, much needed for this newly developing community. Evie had been tasked with helping to save her grandparents' lifelong home. Image her surprise when the CEO of the company that's planning to demolish the terrace turns out to be her Michael. Daggers drawn, Evie sets out to fight for the community of Cupid's Way. This is a lovely story with a real feel-good factor. It is beautifully written with a wonderful cast of characters each with stories to tell. I really loved the resolution of the story. (JH)

Can't Live Without (2012)

After an out-of-use but plugged-in washing machine causes a fire that all but destroys Stella's house, she finds herself left with no possessions apart from the charred sodden remains of all that she once coveted. As a single mum of a 16-year-old, Lipsy, her possessions had come to mean security but with no insurance that security has gone hence her list entitled "Can't Live Without". Top of the list is an American-size fridge-freezer with ice maker and a Kenwood mixer. Then Stella discovers that Lipsy's new boyfriend, Rob, is 30 and to top it all off she's been spending weekends with him whilst telling Stella she was at her Dad's - 16 years too late he has now decided he actually wants to get to know his daughter. Throw in the too-organised neighbour Joshua who decides to ask Stella out in an attempt to mould her, her dad in prison for a crime it appears he didn't commit and Stella's boss Paul who has been her best friend, confidante and if Stella had her way mate, and all in all we have a book that will keep you hooked right to the end. (LM)

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