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The Reunion (2012)

Jo, Helen, Ereka and CJ first became friends through their mothers' group. Now their kids are heading into their teen years and the women are reuniting for a weekend away at a country home. Joining them on their weekend of wine, food, tears and laughter are some of their friends - anthropology professor Maeve; Zumba fanatic Summer who's on to her third husband; and location scout Virginia, the only unmarried and childless one of the group. Jo is determined to stick to her strict dieting regime and try to stop worrying about her kids for just a moment. Mother of four Helen has a much more laidback attitude to life. Meanwhile Ereka, the mother of a disabled child, has stacked on the weight. And CJ is a divorced lawyer who is revelling in her new relationship. The weekend away exposes tensions, secrets and intimacies as the group face up to the truths of growing older.

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