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Reunion (2009)

It's spring, the air is full of bright colours and floral patterns. Jess and her friends are getting ready to do a Sex and The City take-off girls night out. Out clubbing at the Peacock Club, Jess' friend Kelly decides it's time to play Do Him, Date Him or Dump Him. This game ends up taking off on a tangent with Jess reminiscing about her high-school crush David Miller. Fast forward to the present day: Jess is 37, married and her friend Michelle has finally convinced her it's time to venture on to Facebook. While searching around and adding friends, she decides to look David up. After the pair meet up for a reunion, Jess must decide whether to finally succumb to her crush or stay till the end with husband Kyle. A wonderfully written book that will have you laughing and imagining the amazing settings from Spring Collection at Macy's to the strutting of the patrons at the Peacock Bar, all dressed to the nines. (PP)

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