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The Most Beautiful Man in the World (2010)

What could Clare, a housewife from Hampshire in England; Abby, a pole dancer from Taranaki in New Zealand; Jo, a book publisher from London; and Pam-Ellen, a soapie actress from Los Angeles, all have in common? The answer is simple - at one point in their lives they have all been dramatically affected by the man Hollywood dubbed "The Most Beautiful Man in the World". This story covers the years from 1968-2006. When the man is found dead in his Hollywood pool, the truth starts to slowly leak out. Clare, who met David at Cambridge, was his wife and mother of his two boys. Abby finds out at her mother's deathbed that David is her father while Jo becomes his mistress after spending much time in therapy. Finally Pam-Ella is a mystery woman who has a whole lot of secrets of her own. David adopts different identities throughout his life and each of the women gets caught up in his fantasy worlds. This will appeal to those who like a book full of scandal. Its web of lies and relationships will keep you intrigued right up to the last chapter. (PP)

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