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The Lies You Told Me (2013)

Klara Mortimer was just a little girl when her mother disappeared out of her life, leaving her behind with only her father to take care of her. Now, as she is older, all Klara has left of her mother are her own memories and her father's stories. Until she unexpectedly receives a key in the mail with a note that leads her to a storage room. In here, Klara finds several missing pieces of the puzzle that is her mother's life, including her mother's own personal diary. Klara doesn't want to share her findings with anyone else, and slowly she becomes obsessed with discovering what kind of person her mother was and what truly happened to her all those years ago. This story is told from two perspectives: Klara in the modern day and age, and her mother Sadie in 1950s London. I was immediately captivated by Sadie and her story, which is centred around her dream to become a famous model. I loved switching between these two voices and finding out more about Sadie with every page I turned. One of the strengths of the novel is that, even though I did not particularly really warm to Klara, I was definitely interested by her story and wanted to find out what would happen to her and her search for her mother's identity. There's definitely a mysterious side to this novel: who sends Klara the key to the storage room? What happened to Sadie? Why did she suddenly disappear? Will Klara be able to find all the pieces of the puzzle? All these questions made me want to keep on reading in order to find out more. The Lies You Told Me is a compelling novel that will have you hooked from the first page until the very last words, so make sure you have a couple of free hours before opening this book! (JoH)

Luxury (2009)

Twenty years ago, Logan Barnes betrayed his best friend, Nicolo Flores. Nicolo remained in London while Logan headed off to New York, won the girl, became a successful businessman and made a lot of money. Fast forward to the present when Logan returns to London with his perfect trophy wife, family and a successful hotel empire under his belt. Unfortunately for him, Nicolo still hasn't forgiven him and will do anything to make him suffer. However with gambling, addictions and scandal all knocking on the Barnes family door, will they end up destroying themselves before Nicolo can cause the damage himself? This has all the ingredients if you love glamorous blockbuster novels. (PP)

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