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The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Men (2009)

aka Love Under Cover

In this sequel to The Fidelity Files, we are reunited with Jennifer Hunter aka Ashlyn, who is now running her own fidelity inspection agency. She may have retired as a field agent herself, but she oversees a team who go out undercover to see whether someone's partner is willing to cheat. Jennifer's handsome boyfriend, Jamie, has just asked her to marry him, on the condition that she promises not to go back to being Ashlyn. All is going well until one of her employee's assignments turns sour and Jennifer steps in to save the day. After completing the assignment, Jennifer feels a spark and she is left with the decision of turning her back on everything she has worked for or losing her husband-to-be for good. This is an edgy chick lit novel for those wanting that little more oomph. It's filled with courtroom divorce proceedings, adultery, fidelity and not to forget a wedding which isn't complete until you have encountered a bridezilla and a know-it-all, pushy wedding planner. (PP)

The Fidelity Files (2008)

Who you gonna call if you suspect your partner is cheating? Still affected by her parents' divorce, Jennifer Hunter leads a double life. Her family and friends think she's an investment banker but she actually works as a "fidelity inspector" under the codename Ashlyn. That is she is hired by suspicious women to test if their partners will cheat or not. But it looks like her secret life will be exposed when a friend hires her to test her fiance and an angry husband is out for revenge. But perhaps with the arrival of potential boyfriend Jamie on the scene, Jen is ready to give up the business. With some unpredictable twists and intriguing cases, you'll be hooked. And the good news is the epilogue paves the way for a sequel.

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