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Drinking Closer to Home (2011)

This is a hilarious and raw look at a heavily flawed family of former hippies from Santa Barbara, California. Coming home in a crisis caused by their mother's heart attack, Portia, Anna and Emery are faced with flashbacks from their rocky upbringing. Portia - who at eight years old had her pot-loving rebellious mother pass her the responsibility of raising her younger brother Emery - is now dealing with her broken marriage, and a daughter who rejects her. Anna, a sex-addicted florist, is an unfaithful wife who doesn't seem to care if her extra-marital affairs will have consequences - yet. Emery is taking the Martha Stewart approach to domesticity, while he and his boyfriend Alejandro try to convince one of the sisters to donate eggs. A laugh-out-loud, mouth-dropping, and tear-brimming read. Blau has a quirky writing style that keeps the reader on their toes. A great novel, I can't wait to get my hands on her first book. (AV)

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