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Jessica Adams is an astrologer for several magazines and lives between Britain and Australia.


Should I Stay or Should I Go? (2009)

aka Vintage Alice

Two years after she first fell head over heels in love with Nash, Alice Templeton isn't that sure about her feelings anymore. Well at least that's what the quizzes in the self-help book Should I Stay or Should I Go tell her. Amid their bickering over money matters, Alice decides to move from England to Australia with Nash to start afresh. But when she learns that Nash has betrayed her, she decides to leave alone to take a break and work to get enough funds to start her clothing line, Vintage Alice. She arrives in Bondi and meets her cousin, Joel, who fortunately isn't actually a blood relative as she finds him hard to resist. I think the story could have been developed more, such as how she deals with the challenges of settling into a new environment, but in general it was a sweet read. Many will love the heroine, Alice, as she struggles to resolve the love-hate relationship with Nash and make the right decisions in life. (XT) 6/10

The Summer Psychic (2007)

The book opens with a bang, with psychic Luke Gabriel gazing into a bucket of sea water and hearing a voice as he predicts a number of events destined to happen in 2006. It is a test to figure out which event each rambling refers to - and some of them will definitely stump international readers. (But that may be why Adams also wrote a version for the British market with Brighton journalist Katie Pickard and Australian psychic Jim Gabriel.) Coffs Harbour newspaper journalist Jo Delaney is sent to interview the English psychic and ends up with a shocking prediction of her own - he foresees that he's going to marry her by winter. Then Luke's other predictions start coming true - a scorching New Year's Day, Italy winning the World Cup, cyclones Monica and Larry hitting Queensland, and stingrays and blood in the water signalling the death of Croc Hunter Steve Irwin. Meanwhile, Jo is still coming to terms with the death of her depressed boyfriend Andrew in a car crash; has a crush on ageing rocker Gram Nixon (who Luke predicts will have a No. 1 hit) and is facing the possible closure of her newspaper Coffs and Coast Courier. Throw in hundreds of missing cats and a witches' coven and you start to wonder if the psychic will ever get it wrong. Adams' career as an astrologer no doubt helped make the psychic aspects of the book believable. 6/10

Single White E-mail (1998)

Take yourself back to the world of the 1990s, when the internet was still a strange world understood only by computer boffins and it was rare to have an email address. Touted as the Down Under version of Bridget Jones's Diary, this book is based in Sydney, so there's lots of local flavour for Australian readers but it is still written in a way to have universal appeal. Dumped on her 30th birthday by Dan, the man she thought she was going to marry, Victoria Shepworth is feeling so desperate she cuts her hair (you know the rule: new haircut = new life), has a fling with an advertising colleague and spends a fortune of fortune tellers - one of which tells her that she'll meet her soulmate through computers. With the help of neighbour Bill the Boffin, Victoria goes online where she meets Pierre Dubrois, an Englishman in Paris. But things start going awry one night when she finds out her mystery man isn't all that he first appeared. 8/10


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