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The Dinner Party (2012)

Lanie and Miya have been best friends since middle school. Lanie is now 28, single, holding a steady job, and living in a rent-controlled New York City apartment. Miya is married to Jake - a successful, handsome chef - and has a glamorous career as a celebrity make-up artist. One night after a few too many drinks, Jake shows up at Lanie's apartment and they sleep together. Sure, Lanie met Jake first and later introduced him to Miya, but she never expected to sleep with him, she didn't like him - and the sex wasn't even good. Determined to keep their bad judgment a secret, Lanie takes a hard look at her life. She quits her job and quickly lands a new one - with a hot boss to boot, and starts dating a nice, simple, dependable guy. Will Lanie find her own happy - though guilty - ending, or will she clear her conscience and tell Miya what happened that night? A book full of betrayal, break-ups, make-ups, a surprise drug addiction, an unexpected pregnancy, and hot sex. I loved it, and want to read anything else Brenner can dish out. I'm waiting! (AV)

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