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The Wardrobe Girl (2014)

After the rather messy end of an affair, costume designer Tess leaves the period dramas of the BBC for a stint on the wardrobe team of an Australian soapie. The daughter of a famous actress and well-known director, Tess has always been determined to make it in her own right. Right from the start, when Pretty Beach Rescue hottie Sean flirts with her, guaranteeing there will be no love lost between her and his girlfriend Bree, Tess finds she needs to be on her toes to keep up with her job. Then her ex-fiance Jake revs back into her life as the show's new director. From the pen of someone who has worked on Home and Away, it has all the behind-the-scene drama of what it's like on set, including how to stage those cliffhanger disasters Summer Bay is well known for. But somehow despite this being the sort of setting right up my alley, the story failed to engage me. Tess may tick all the chick lit boxes with her ditzy antics and the past she needs to reconcile but if The Wardrobe Girl was a TV show, I would have flicked to a different station well before the end.

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