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The Sister Season (2013)

Claire, Julia and Maya Yancy have all returned home to celebrate Christmas and bury their father. The three daughters love their mother, Elise, however, they have no love for the alcoholic father that abused them through their childhood. Elise to trying to make it a festive Christmas, with a tinsel-garnished tree and mulled wine, while holding a secret about her husband's death from her daughters. The three sisters have scattered across the country because of years of misunderstandings and harsh accusations. The sisters are no more than strangers to each other. As the three women spend time together, long-buried secrets resurface and present hardships are revealed. It finally takes a near tragedy for the sisters to come together. This novel will pull you in immediately. It is extremely sad and tackles very heavy topics, however, it ends with a measure of hope that will leave the reader satisfied. (AO)

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