Jennifer Oko has been a network news producer, documentary filmmaker and freelance print journalist.

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Gloss (2007)

How on earth did breakfast TV producer Annabelle Kapner end up in jail suspected of being linked to a terrorist organisation? All she was doing was researching a story about an American cosmetics group which has set up a number of beauty parlours and laboratories in Fardish refugee camps. But her discovery, via her own Deep Throat, that some of the Fardish girls now have disfigured lips sees her make a Watergate-style raid. After she is arrested and the Glossgate scandal develops, all the media seem to focus on is her romance with hot vice-presidential speechwriter Mark Thurber. Will the truth ever be uncovered? The plot is quite convoluted but read it for the insider's view of the ratings-driven world of TV networks where hosts will do anything to stay in the chair and viewers send in the most ridiculous letters.

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