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The Mother Road (2012)

Natalie writes books about relationships and marriage - but only now after 18 years she discovers her husband has had an affair and wants a divorce. The worst thing is that the mistress is pregnant with his baby - the one thing in the world that Natalie could never give Tony. With her mother's illness worsening, her father talks Natalie into returning home but with one catch, to pick up her estranged sister on the way. When Natalie turns up on Lindsey's doorstep and finds Lindsey pregnant and with a black eye, Natalie is quick to judge Lindsey's partner Ben. Against their better judgments, the siblings head out on a road trip along Route 66 that is filled with tragedies, triumphs, laughter and tears. This is a page-turning novel but beware the trip will be a bumpy and emotional one. (PP)

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