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Mama's Got a Brand New Job (2013)

Having a career, a husband and being pregnant all at the same time is a challenge for high achiever Maxine Pedersen. As a patent attorney and armed with knowledge of all things vodka, Maxine secures a high-end account with a French perfume company. But all is not smooth sailing from there. Add to the mix an unexpected pregnancy, a snooping work colleague who is keen to take her job and of course the hunt for the perfect nanny, Maxine's bumpy ride from career woman to motherhood is full of unexpected twists and turns. Funny, entertaining and edge-of-your-seat writing will capture the heart of readers as they join Maxine on her journey from attorney to motherhood. What makes this book so great is its ability to relate to real-life scenarios which many mothers experience. Flawless writing with a sense of humour make the most of an at-time overbearing mother; a husband who makes the difficult transition from husband to father; and an employer who struggles with the idea that a woman can be both a mother and a committed worker. Maxine's character is timeless. Her personality makes the most of a difficult situation and turns her life around completely to suit her family and her needs. Highly recommended with lots of laughs and a dose of reality! (MP)

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