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It Had to Be You (2010)

In the third and final book of the Weddings by Bella series, several weddings are taking place and there are engagements galore. The story focuses on the marriage of Laz and Rosa who finally after many years of debate and stubbornness over who was better - Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra - have put their views aside and are ready to commit to one another. Bella and her family couldn't be more over the moon, however this wouldn't be a Weddings By Bella book if trouble didn't arise in more than one way. With Bella trying to organise two weddings, she really needs an extra pair of hands but when her best friend disappears, Bella is left to try to organise everything in time for the perfect day. When Laz's best man, former mobster Sal Lucci, turns up always putting in his two cents worth, will he tear the happy couple apart? And will Bella be able to pull off not only one perfect wedding but two? This is the perfect finish to a wonderful series. (PP)

Swinging on A Star (2010)

This sequel begins three months later: Bella Rossi has taken over her parents' wedding business Club Wed and is organising the wedding of the year with a Renaissance theme. As the couple's parents plan to go all out and install a castle complete with a moat, Bella discovers the best man (or in this case "the First Knight") is Hollywood's heart-throb Brock Benson. Her mission is to hide him from the paparazzi - and with Brock staying in her spare room, he's showing a more-than-friends interest in her. But Bella, of course, is already taken by her southern cowboy, DJ Neeley. Meanwhile Bella's Aunt Rosa is chosen to star on her favourite TV show The Food Network, which happens to be shooting at the same time as the wedding. This humorous and romantic story may well encourage you to go for a Renaissance-themed wedding yourself! (PP)

Fools Rush In (2009)

In this first in the Weddings by Belle series, Bella Rossi's life is about to get very interesting. When her parents pass on their ownership of wedding company Bella's to her, she decides it's about time for an image revamp. The name changes to Club Wed and it's no longer doing just your average traditional wedding, now it's going all out with wacky themes. When a communication mishap occurs while trying to acquire music for her country-western themed wedding, Bella ends up with not a music-playing DJ but a hunky cowboy named DJ. Romantic sparks fly between Bella and DJ and this would be all hunky-dory if Bella didn't have an ex-boyfriend skulking in the shadows or her best friend calling off her engagement as she falls in love with another guy. With all these distractions, will Bella be able to organise the perfect wedding or will it turn to mayhem? (PP)

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