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Mine are Spectacular! (2005)

This story is about three 40-something friends who are experiencing new beginnings. Kate is a dermatologist who is famous for her practice and her bedroom antics. Berni is a former Hollywood agent who is pregnant and looking for new opportunities. Then there is Sara who is getting married and about to inherit a new family. Sara has to find the courage to move forward after her ex-husband comes back into the picture as a possible television career looms. The message of this book is that anything is possible no matter what the age. (JG)

The Botox Diaries (2004)

In a world where cosmetic surgery is a must for women of a certain age, single mother and charity fundraiser Jessica Taylor is just hoping she'll age gracefully past 40. Her glamorous best friend, TV producer Lucy Baldor, though is trying everything to make sure she doesn't look any older - including taking on a famous lover. Amid returning exes, unrequited love, reality dating shows and flirtations with a boss, the women rely on their friendship more than ever to weather their mid-life crises.

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