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Jack and Jill Went Downhill - R.J. Gould (2016)


Jack and Jill meet at university and immediately fall head over heels for each other in what appears to be a solid relationship, despite their different backgrounds and personalities. As they finish university and begin their lives together, the reality of adult life of bills and responsibilities sets in and begins to fracture the relationship as they both make decisions that further damage the relationship beyond repair.
This is an entertaining story about love found, love lost and love rediscovered. I liked both Jack and Jill immensely, flaws and all. Surprisingly, I never felt myself taking one side over the other. I thought these characters were written very realistically and easy to relate to. The plot kept me engaged throughout the entire story; my curiosity was quite high about what would happen and whether or not this couple could make their way back to one another. The road getting there was quite bumpy for them both and not without a few tumbles and falls.
Readers who enjoy the chick-lit genre will enjoy this offering by Mr Gould. It's witty and funny with several twists that keeps the story engaging and interesting. (SH)



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