It Would be Wrong to Steal My Sister's Boyfriend (Wouldn't It?) - Sophie Ranald (2013)

When Ellie Mottram meets Oliver it's love at first sight. Unfortunately though he happens to be her sister Rose's new boyfriend. And despite knowing better, Ellie is determined to entice Oliver away. Getting spruced up, finding a new job and frequenting the glamorous hotspots, Ellie takes on Rose's lifestyle as she tries to win over Oliver. But is he worth risking her sister's love? I expected there to be more tension between the sisters given the plot of the story, however this never really comes to a head and in fact Rose never finds out about Ellie's dalliances with Oliver which seemed to me to skirt around the potential issue of the novel. And indeed at times, the novel felt a bit anticlimactic. However, in Sophie Ranald we find a naturally funny and gifted writer and the quality of her voice and wit carries this novel through. I thought this was a very solid effort for a debut and certainly think good things can be expected in the future. (JC)

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