It's Not my Favorite - Rue (2014)

Growing up, Gwenn was the girl who did no wrong as it was pretty difficult to make a wayward step when your father happened to be the local preacher. For the past few months, Gwenn has been feeling restless and lost and she is about to discover why when she helps her parents pack up for their next big move. Sitting in the garage is a box of paintings and photos of her mother with her arms around a strange guy and the dates suggest that the dad Gwenn grew up with isn't necessarily her biological father. Eager for a life change and a stab at the truth, the journey leads Gwenn into the arms of Daniel Gregory Junior - the son of the guy in the photo. There is a spark between these two, but when things start to go off-course, Gwenn hightails it to the land of the long white cloud otherwise known as New Zealand. I loved this part as being from New Zealand myself, I got to experience all the places Gwenn went to from the Huka Falls in Taupo to the gardens in Hamilton. It's a story that will have readers wanting to travel and experience the world as it shows that in order to grow, we must discover and take risks in life. (PP)

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