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It's Got a Ring To It - Mia L. Heintzelman (2015)


Ethan was everything Laila wanted - handsome, inteligent, funny, stylish. When he proposed, she was ready to spend her life with him. But then he cheated on her and left her before the wedding - nothing in life could prepare her for that pain and anger. Two years after the break-up, her younger sister Lena is getting married, and Laila is the maid of honour, with a never-ending to-do list. While Lena is trying on dresses, Laila met Myles Donovan, a very handsome man whose name seems familiar. Their encounter doesn't go well and later, at her mother's house she meets the wedding photographer - none other than Myles Donovan. This is a beautiful love story about new starts and trying to leave the past where it belongs. It sends the message that no matter how strong we are, we're always looking to be loved. (MH)

Rating 8/10


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