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I See You - Clare Mackintosh (2016)


Zoe is divorced, hates her boss and has two grown children who still live at home. She and her partner Simon are more and more in love. She leads a routine and ordinary life, taking the same train every morning, choosing the same seat in the same carriage, stopping at the same cafe, and giving 10p to the girl who sings outside the train station on her way home. And it is this routine that gets Zoe on the radar of someone who puts her picture in the classifieds of a London newspaper. Every day the picture of a different woman appears in the newspaper with a phone number and a website that lead nowhere. As some of these women are robbed, assaulted or killed, Zoe's fears for her safety rise.
This story is dark and captivating with many twists and much suspense, and relatable characters. The author perfectly portrays Zoe's fears as she starts suspecting everyone, even the people she loves. The novel doesn't focus only on Zoe's story, but also on one of the detectives investigating her case. Kelly is a hard-working police officer, who often gets too involved with the victims of the cases she is investigating. She is very invested in her job but is also driven by personal reasons. This is a chilling and disturbing novel that will make you rethink your commute to work. (NP)


Clare Mackintosh discusses the writing lessons she learned from being a police officer.

Clare Mackintosh on becoming a writer.



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