Get ready for some more sexploits with Sienna Lewis' Intimate Adventures of an Office Girl. Following a bad break-up, the 20-something Londoner resolves not to commit to one man until she has found The One. So as well as juggling temp jobs, friends and cocktails, she also starts to explore the world of internet dating, sex clubs and one-night stands. Her lovers include the lanky Pilot who offers to fly her to Australia, Kensington Boy who seduces her on a picnic rug in Hyde Park and the Colonel who wants her in his yacht in the South of France. But it's not always easy - if not getting a call from one man is bad enough, not hearing from five is even more distressing. And then there is the man she can't get out of her head - Tall Boy from the office. It's based on her blog Sienna's Lovers.

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