In Need of Therapy - Tracie Banister (2012)

Psychologist Pilar has a family that is consumed by drama - a mom who's a drama queen, a sister who is carefree in how she lives her life and another sister who is highly strung. Added to this is her ex-boyfriend, who seems to be turning up whenever she turns her head, and can't seem to deal with the fact that it's over between them. This book is filled with funny characters that made me laugh and shake my head with their antics. Poor Pilar is trying to help everyone and her own hopes and dreams seem to be falling apart on the sideline and she does not know what to do. She is able to offer advice to everyone except herself. And to make matters worse her mom is freaking out because Pilar is about to turn thirty in a few months and thinks her daughter is doomed to remain a spinster forever! This is very funny and light read - very few would be able to resist. (KARM)

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