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I'm Your Man - Joanne Rawson (2014)


Thirty-something Ruth Jones has a job she loves, great friends, and a guy she's crazy about. However, while Ruth really likes Justin, it becomes clear to her he isn't willing to commit to their relationship in the same way she is. None of her family members have ever met him, and whenever they are invited to a social event, he finds an excuse to be somewhere else. One evening after a few drinks too many, Ruth ends up in bed with a complete stranger. It is her first one-night-stand, and while the initial plan is to walk away with her head held high and never mention it to anyone, most particularly Justin, things don't quite work out the way Ruth has planned. Especially since her one-night-stand, New Yorker Danny, has quite something else in mind... I'm Your Man turned out to be just what I hope for in a novella; a thoroughly entertaining and quick read. The storyline was a lot of fun, the characters were great, and the story was quite quick-paced resulting in me finishing it in one sitting. I easily warmed to Ruth and I think many readers will be able to relate to her and the situation she finds herself in: being crazy about a guy who isn't willing to commit. There's also a fun cast of supporting characters, such as Ruth's friends and her one-night-stand, Danny. I personally enjoyed Joanne Rawson's writing style; it was fast-paced, comfortable and funny in the right places. Enough details were given, especially for a novella where there usually is simply not enough space to really go into character's backgrounds in lots of detail. (JoH)



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