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I Knew You Were Trouble - Lauren Layne (2017)


Taylor Carr has landed her dream job in the advertising department of Oxford magazine. The staff are all easy on the eye, especially Bradley and Nick. Both guys are single but Bradley is the safer option to date. All is going well until the day they are supposed to move in together, when Bradley leaves her a Dear John letter. Now desperate for a roommate to share the rent with, Taylor advertises at work and who should be in need of a new place to live but Nick. Taylor has always been attracted to him but he is her dangerous guy, the one who not only brings out the best in her but also the worst. As the months go by, they both try to resist the growing chemistry and avoid a relationship but what happens when they finally do start a romance and someone from Nick's past shows up with a baby on her hip? Can they get over this obstacle and what will happen when Taylor receives some life-changing news that will affect both her and Nick's futures? Find out in this fast-paced romance novel set in the bustling world of magazines. (PP)



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