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A.L. Michael's own experiences working in a coffee shop inspired her to write If You Don't Know Me By Now. The summary says: "Imogen Cypriani did not move all the way to London to become a barista in a snooty coffee shop. She moved to become a writer, a real writer. Instead, she's dealing with non-stop abuse from coffee obsessives and the only way to get through the day is to crucify them in her blog: Twisted Barista. She's just doing it for fun, but soon enough it gets picked up by The Type, and suddenly people are looking for 'The West London Coffee Bitch'. Along with her editor Tabby, her crazy colleagues Emanuel and Agnes, and Declan, the swoonworthy barista at the coffee shop down the road, Imogen has to keep her cool in order to keep reporting on the craziness. But how long before she gets found out?" If You Don't Know Me By Now is out in July 2015.

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