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The Embers (2009)

Emily Ascher seems to have everything falling into place. As a successful public defender, she has not only found fulfilment in her job but also a man she truly loves. Yet the past continues to catch up with her as she struggles to deal with the emotional hurt and pain that follows her parents' divorce and the death of her brother, Thomas. Her mother Laura has since remarried but still grapples with mixed feelings about her ex-husband Joe. Once idolised by his daughter, Joe is no longer the famous playwright he used to be. Now he writes for a lifestyle magazine and spends his time listening to old tapes alone. When Emily decides to conduct her wedding ceremony on the site of their old home, the remaining members of the Ascher family are forced to revisit the tragic event that took place 15 years ago, hoping to find closure. This story of a broken family is an impressive read full of emotion. (XT)

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